20-inch Weighted Octopus, up to 3lbs, White

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These adorable sensory octopuses are a favorite of kids and adults alike.  They are soft and cuddly, and very soothing to hold.  The textured legs offer fingertips a great sensory experience, and for added fun, the elastic legs bounce back when you stretch them. 

We place a casing of poly pellets and/or glass beads in the head only, so the weight is concentrated, making it feel heavy.  We add a thin layer of poly fill around the casing for added softness.  For young children, we recommend this small octopus at 1.5 to 2lbs.  Up to 2yrs, chose 1.5lbs.  For older children and adults, we recommend the maximum 3lbs.

This octopus is available in 2 sizes as pictured.  This listing is for the small 20" size only.  Please find our listing for the 34"octopus if you prefer larger.

Small:  20" w/legs stretched, 8"x7" head, weighted up to 3 pounds
Large:  34" w/legs stretched, 12"x11" head, weighted up to 7 pounds