24-inch Stingray, Weighted up to 5lbs

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This adorable little stingray has a weighted wing span of 24" that makes it perfect to lay across your chest from shoulder to shoulder.  It also makes an amazing lap pad, and can be rolled up into a small portable travel-sized companion.  It is perfect for little ones at 2 to 3lbs, or for an adult at 4 to 5lbs.  There is no fluff in the wings to absorb any of the weight, so the weight feels heavy and concentrated.

We use a casing of fine glass in the main body only, and surround it with a soft layer of poly fill.  The outer wings are reinforced with additional top-stitching to keep the mix of glass and pellets securely inside.

The main body is 10" long, and 21" long from the nose to tip of the stinger.  The stinger is not weighted.