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22-inch Weighted Lion, up to 8lbs

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This lion is gorgeous, soft, plush, and rugged to withstand the tests of time.  This premium quality plushie has a nice thick skin, and large chunky paws that feel real in your hands.  This lion measures 22" from paw to paw, and has a long body that can hold up to 8lbs of glass microbeads, and still be soft and squishy.

If you order 6 to 8lbs, we will use a full-body casing to include the arms and legs.  If you order 5lbs or less, we will put a casing of glass and/or poly pellets in the main body only and stuff the legs with a soft poly fill.  Each paw will contain a small sack of poly pellets.  A thin layer of poly fill will surround the bead/pellet casing for extra softness. 

A quick blow dry will fluff up the fur nicely.  If the mane starts to look ratty over time, blow dry on a hot setting to get it back to good as new.