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19-inch Weighted Gray Bear, up to 8lbs

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This adorable gray bear looks just like our brown bear, but it's fur is so buttery soft!  This is a bear you want to cuddle with!  It is so very sweet and looks so incredibly real!  It is 19" tall, or 15" sitting, and has a big belly to hold a lot of weight.   The color is a brownish gray, but more on the gray side.  If you are on the fence about 7 or 8lbs, go with 7lbs for more squish.  

We offer multiple weighting options for this bear.  You can have just the belly weighted up to 6lbs, or you can select a full body casing to include the arms and legs from 6 to 8lbs.  The higher the weight, the more glass it will contain.  At 8lbs, it is all glass, and feels more like a 12-14lb live animal.