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20-inch Weighted Sloth, up to 8lbs

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This adorable sloth is a premium quality, heavy duty plushie that can melt any heart!  It is the largest of our sloths, and can easily hold 7lbs in it's big belly without feeling over-stuffed.  We can also go up to 8lbs if you choose a full-body casing that includes the arms and legs.

This sloth has a little sack of poly pellets in its hands and feet, so even if you don't choose a full-body casing, it's arms feel wonderful wrapped around your neck in a hug. 

Our favorite combination is a poly pellet and glass bead mix, as this has the softest, squishiest feel.  At the higher weights, we use mostly all glass with just enough poly pellets to aerate/loosen up the glass.  

We recommend a quick blow dry to fluff up the fur when it arrives, and any time it needs a grooming.