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16-inch Weighted White Bunny, Rabbit, up to 5lbs

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Just like our favorite brown bunny, this silky-soft white bunny is so adorable with its large floppy ears and big soft belly!  It is the same pattern as our brown and caramel bunnies, but in white.  While it is just as silky and soft, the fabric is just a little thicker, so the belly doesn't wrinkle as much as our brown bunnies.  It is a premium quality, well-made plushie, with thick, soft fur.  It measures 16", and can be weighted up to 5lbs with glass microbeads.

This rabbit has a full body casing to hold all the beads/pellets.  We add a thin layer of soft poly fill around the outside of the bead/pellet casing for extra softness.

We recommend a quick blow dry on a low setting to fluff up the fur when it arrives.