22" Sea Turtle, Weighted Up To 9lbs

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This gorgeous 22" sea turtle doubles as a weighted lap pad and plushie in one, and would make an amazing addition to your family!  Not only is it a beautiful piece to display on your couch, but it feels incredible.  The inner pellet casing is surrounded by ultra soft polyester fiber fill making it feel like a soft squeezable pillow.  It is beautifully made, and can be weighted up to 9 lbs, with 1.5 pounds sectioned off in the head.  Go ahead, and be the envy of all of your friends!

If you love this sea turtle but need something larger, it also comes in a giant 36" version.  Yup, it is 3ft long and 30" wide, and is a weighted blanket and plushie in one.  It is large enough to cover your entire torso and lap, and can be weighted up to 14lbs.  We also have a smaller 16" version that can be weighted up to 5lbs.

See the listing for our giant 36" version of this sea turtle here:


See the listing for our 16" version of this sea turtle here: