27" Llama, Weighted Up To 10lbs

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This adorable llama is bursting with personality!  It is so soft and cuddly, and absolutely irresistible!  It is floppy and beautiful sitting on your sofa, and makes a great lap pad and companion. 

This premium quality over-sized plushie measures 27" tall and 27" long, not including the legs.  Note that this llama cannot stand up with the heavy weighted body, so the legs will be floppy.  It can be weighted up to 10lbs with a poly pellet/glass microbead mix.  The higher the weight, the more glass it will contain.  At 10lbs, it is almost all glass, and feels like an 18 to 20lb live animal.

Each paw is weighted with a small sack of poly pellets, the legs are stuffed w a soft floppy poly fill, and then the casing of glass beads and/or pellets fills the main body. We add a thin layer of soft poly fill around the outside of the bead/pellet casing.