DIY, Weighted Plushie Kit, Dalmatian, 2.5lbs Glass Beads

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Do you have little ones at home looking for a fun craft? What better than a do-it-yourself weighted stuffed animal! Our standard plushies are back, only this time, you get to make them yourselves! The best sewing necessary! These plushies have velcro backs with either a zip-tie or zipper enclosure inside.

Not only is this a fun and relaxing activity, but the finished product is perfect for calming fear and anxiety, and bringing peace and comfort to your little ones...or even adults! You are never too old to enjoy these darling weighted plushies! 

In your kit, you will find:

1 Animal Skin
1 Laundry bag of poly fill
1 sewn casing of glass beads (2lbs) - *can be heated in the microwave 
Instructions for making your plushie

Your finished animal will weigh approximately 2.5lbs. The laundry bag(s) can be used in the future to launder your animal(s). 

*HEATING: Only the casing of glass beads is heatable. Place it in the microwave in 30-second intervals until warmed. Do not place your entire stuffed animal in the microwave. 


A 20 second re-recordable, lockable push button white sound recorder can be added on to the kit as an option in the drop-down menu.

The new protective locking design protects the message once it has been recorded. If you want to change the recording, simply twist the top to "R" for record, and hold the button down as you record. Twist the top back to "P" for play, and it is locked from accidentally re-recording over your message. This new mechanism also gives you the option to replace the batteries without losing your content. Perfect for special messages, a song, or a baby’s heartbeat!

The average lifespan of the battery is 500 plays. 1.5" Diameter x 1" Depth.


If you purchased a voice recorder for your animal, remove it from the velcro compartment. You can also remove the glass bead casing to extend the life of the plushie seams. Put your animal into the provided laundry bag. We recommend a hand-wash or delicate cycle, and to dry on low to medium heat. Like all stuffed animals, washing and drying will change the texture of the plushie fabric and overall integrity of the plushie over time.