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42" Cream Dog, Weighted up to 24lbs

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This adorable and very long pup feels just like snuggling with a real person!  This is our most favorite for cuddling because it lays so perfectly on your body, across your body, or even pressed up along side of your body with just an arm across your chest.  You would think it were a real person!  The extra bonus is the weighted head up on your shoulder and the weighted arms wrapped around you in a hug.

Unlike any of our other animals, this one contains a zipper along the side, so the bead casing can be removed for washing.  We reinforce all of the seams to hold heavy weight, and the inner casing is sewn off into 9 sections for even distribution of the weight.  We then sew in loops and ties in 4 places (see marked photo) to hold the bead casing in place.  The bead casing can be untied and removed for washing.  

When we fill this pup, we put the thick layer of poly fill on the top and sides of the bead casing only, so that the weight of the bead casing presses into you at the bottom.  If your pup feels too heavy, flip it over so the 4-5" layer of fluff is directly on you and feel the difference as the fluff absorbs a lot of the weight.  If you prefer this, you can open the zipper and move some of the fluff from the top of the casings to the underside of the casing to make it feel lighter.

Because this pup is so large with the weight spread into the head and arms, we recommend 16lbs or more for a teen or adult.  10lbs is great for a young child, or 14lbs for a tween.  I'd say 20lbs is a great weight, and if you know you need heavy, go with 24lbs.