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26-inch Weighted Wolf, up to 10lbs

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This gorgeous wolf is so plush, cuddly, and realistic feeling!  It measures 26" from paw to paw (21" not including the hind legs or tail), and can be weighted up to 10lbs with glass microbeads.  At 10lbs, it feels more like an to 18lb to 20lb live animal. 

Each paw is weighted with a small sack of poly pellets, the legs are stuffed with a very soft poly fill, and then a casing of poly pellets and/or glass microbeads is placed into the main body. We add a thin layer of poly fill around the outside of the bead/pellet casing for extra softness.

We recommend a quick blow dry on a low setting to fluff up the fur when it arrives, or as needed.

**These are not made yet.  Message us if you need a weight other than what shows as available and we will adjust the quantities for you.