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26-inch Weighted Manatee, up to 12lbs

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Per the manufacturer's estimation, this manatee will be back in stock in sept 2022.

This manatee is a little larger than our original manatee, and can hold a little more weight.  At 26" long and 12" wide, it has a large surface area that makes it great as a lap pad, laying on your body, or as a squeezably soft pillow.  We add a nice layer of poly fill around the bead casing for extra softness.  

Holding this manatee is like holding big fat baby.  It feels wonderful for an adult at 8, 10, or 12bs.  At 12 lbs, it feels like a 20lb live animal.  We have a 6lb option available for a child or small adult, but it doesn't quite fill out this large manatee.  This one feels best in the higher weights.