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26-inch Weighted Black Panther, up to 16lbs

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This black panther boasts beautiful details and looks so real sitting on your bed or sofa.  It is a premium quality plushie with a realistic posture, nice thick skin, and large chunky paws that feel real in your hands.  Measures 26" not including the legs or tail.  

Made by Lelly for National Geographic.  Unfortunately, they use the stiffest filling we have ever seen.  When we receive it, we remove all of it, and work our Sensory Soothers magic transforming it into the softest, squishiest, can't-live-without-it masterpiece that it is.  

Contains a full body casing, so the arms and legs are weighted as well.  A soft layer of poly fill surrounds the entire bead/pellet casing for extra softness.  A quick blow dry will fluff up the fur nicely. 

We only keep one of these in stock a at a time, so message us if you need a different size than what is available.