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25-inch Weighted Great Pyrenees, up to 10lbs

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This beautiful Great Pyrenees is SO incredibly soft, fluffy, floppy, and cuddly!  It measures 25", and can be weighted up to 10lbs with glass microbeads.  At 10lbs, it feels like an 18lb live animal.

This pup contains a full body casing that includes the arms and legs.  Each paw is weighted with a small sack of poly pellets, and then the inner casing fills the rest of the legs and body. We add a thin layer of poly fill around the bead casing for extra softness.

We recommend at least 7lbs for an adult because this is a larger animal with the weight spread out into thick arms and legs.  It won't feel quite as heavy as some of our more compact animals.

A quick blow dry on a low setting will fluff up the fur beautifully.