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23-inch Sun, Weighted up to 5lbs

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Brighten your world with this de-light-ful sun, or send the gift of sunshine to someone you love!

This weighted sun is our 11-yr old daughter's absolute favorite plushie.  She sleeps with it every night, and carries it everywhere!  Sometimes she uses it on her head, sometimes on her chest, and at other times on her lap.  It is ultra-soft, squishy, and makes her so happy!  

Measures 23” x 21” overall, with weighted area measuring 13” x 11”.  Weighted from 3 to 5lbs with a mix of glass microbeads and poly pellets for the softest, squishiest feel.  Our 11yr old's sun is weighted at 5lbs. 

All the photos with our daughter in them show the smaller 23" sun.  Also see our listing for a larger version of this sun that can be weighted from 6 to 8lbs.