19-inch Weighted Sheltie, up to 5lbs

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This Sheltie is so soft and sweet and will add beauty to any room! It is a premium quality, well-made plushie, full of long soft hair that is incredibly fun to groom.  This sheltie is floppy in a laying position, and makes a great lap pad and companion. 

It measures 19" from paw to paw, and can be weighted up to 5lbs with glass microbeads.  The legs are on the skinny side, so we only weight the main body.  Each paw has a small sack of poly pellets, the legs are stuffed w a soft floppy poly fill, and then the casing of beads/pellets fills the main body.  We add a thin layer of soft poly fill around the outside of the bead casing for extra softness.

The last photo shows the type of comb I use on all of our stuffed animals.  You can search for "metal dog comb" online.  This pup will need a combing or blow dry when it arrives.  We highly recommend the blow dryer...it is SO much fun!