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19-inch Weighted Polar Bear, up to 10lbs

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These aren't weighted yet, so let us know if you need a weight other than what shows as available.

This adorable polar bear is so sweet and floppy, and has the body shape of an actual polar bear.  This is a thick skinned, heavy duty premium plushie that measures 19" and can weighted up to 10lbs.  

This polar bear has thick arms and legs, and has been sewn in a manner that it can sprawl out and lay completely flat, giving you a larger weighted surface area.  Each paw is filled with a small sack of poly pellets, and then an inner casing is placed into the body that includes the arms and legs, so the beads are free-flowing throughout.  For extra softness, we add a thin layer of poly fill around the outside of the bead casing. 

This polar bear is on the larger side, so we offer higher weights to fill it out nicely.  If you order 5lbs, we will weight just the main body, as the belly is very large.  It feels best at 7lbs or more.  If you store it sitting upright and the beads pool towards the bottom, just pick it up and dump them back towards the head to distribute evenly.