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18-inch Weighted Owl Puppet that Hoots, up to 5lbs

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This gorgeous owl hand puppet is so large, soft, and fluffy!  It is the cream of the crop of our owls, and can be weighted up to 5lbs.  The glass beads are evenly distributed in a 9-pocket casing that wraps around the body, and creates a hug for your arms when you insert them to flap the wings.  The back can be pressed to make a very realistic hooting sound.  This is an upright animal, so the casing is tacked in several areas to keep it from sliding down.  It is a labor of love to weight this owl, but it is so very, very awesome!  Use it as a puppet, or just hold it in your lap to snuggle with and soothe you.

Five pounds is the perfect weight for an adult.  Choose 3lbs for a small child, or 4lbs for an older child or adult who doesn't want too much weight on their arms.  See the photo of this owl next to our 11" gray owl for size comparison.