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22-inch Weighted Teddy Bear, up to 12lbs

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This gorgeous and ultra plush Teddy Bear will just turn you to mush!

Yes, he feels that wonderful!  Not only is he incredibly soft and luxurious, but he is large, and can hold up to 12lbs.  If you don't need super heavy weight, this bear feels amazingly soft and squishy at 8 to 9lbs.  This actually feels like holding a baby, or being hugged by one. 

This is a premium quality plushie, with such a sweet face, that will stand the test of time.  The fabric backing of its fur is very thick and heavy duty, and it has a nice big body that feels really great to hug.  

Because this bear is so large, the minimum weight is 7lbs.  We use a full body casing, and put just the right amount of beads into the legs and sew them off so the heavy beads from the body don't sink down into the legs.  We don't sew off the bear...just the casing inside.

The higher the weight you select, the higher the glass ratio will be.  At the highest weight, we use mostly all glass with just enough poly pellets to aerate/loosen up the glass.  While glass has a much smoother, silkier feel than poly pellets, mixing just a little poly pellets in with the glass makes it feel softer and squishier than all glass.

Please note that 10-12lbs is heavy.  We offer these higher weights for people who know they need extra heavy.  Pick up a 10lb bag of flour or sugar before selecting the higher weights to be sure it feels right for you.

We recommend a quick blow dry to fluff up the fur when it arrives.