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13-inch by 27-inch Weighted Spider, up to 4lbs

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Even more incredible than the smaller version, this oversized weighted spider plushie will knock your socks off!  While most of us cringe at the sight of a real spider, and your skin may be crawling just at the thought, this one is an exception!  You will fall in love with this super awesome spider!  It is so incredibly soft and squishy, and the dangly legs feel amazing.  Just close your eyes and feel the legs and think, "what a sweet octopus!"  It really has the best feel ever!  Just like the smaller version, everyone who sees it and picks it up loves it.  It feels so wonderful high up on your chest with the very soft fur against your neck.  You might be cringing at the thought, but trust me, it is so awesome!  

This spider measures 13" long (main body only), and the leg span is 27".  It is weighted in the 2 round portions of the main body.  The glass microbeads are fine like sand, and are contained in an inner casing that is placed inside the spider's body.  At 3lbs or 4lbs, it has a good heavy weight to it, as the weight is concentrated in a small area, and feels more like a 6-8lbs.  It feels really soft and squishy with a polly pellet/glass bead a looser squishy feel.  If you need higher weight, all glass also feels really wonderful, but a tad less "airy" than the mix.  All glass has a denser squishy feel than when mixed with poly pellets.  Both variations feel amazing, so go with the amount of weight you need.

If you love this spider, but want something smaller, see this listing for the smaller 9" x 17" version that is weighted at 1.5lbs with all glass microbeads.  It is perfect for little people hands or as an oversized adult hand-fidget.