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22-inch Weighted Tiger, up to 13lbs

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This gorgeous tiger is so soft and squishy and perfect for cuddling.  It is the perfect size to fill your lap, or you can lay it on it's side down your chest with its head on your shoulder.  This feels amazing when the head is also weighted. 

It measures 22" from front paw to rear, not including the hind legs or tail.  It can be weighted up to 11lbs with glass microbeads throughout the main body and limbs.  We can also add a 2nd casing with 2lbs of glass in the head and neck, for a maximum of 13lbs.  See photos of where the head falls when it is weighted vs when it is not.

If you want the tiger extra squishy, we recommend at least 1lb less than the maximum weight.  So, 10lbs if you are not weighting the head.  If you do choose to weight the head, we will always put 2lbs in the head and neck, and the remainder of the weight will go in the body.  So choosing 11 or 12 lbs with weighted head will give you 9 or 10lbs in the body for extra squishing.

**These are not made yet.  Message us if you need a weight other than what shows as available and we will adjust the quantities for you.