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22-inch Weighted Polar Bear, up to 8lbs

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This adorable Polar bear in a laying position is so silky soft, floppy, and cuddly.  At 22" long, and weighted at 6 or 7lbs for an adult, it feels just like holding a real baby! 

For those who need heavier weight, we can go to 8lbs by adding a 2nd casing of glass in the head and neck.  This feels amazing when you pick it up and hold the head up on your shoulder.  However, please note that this will cause the head to lay completely flat, and you won't be able to pose your animal sitting up without the head sagging.  

This bear contains a full body casing that includes the arms and legs.  We add a thin layer of poly fill around the bead casing for extra softness.  The color a soft creamy white.