16-inch Weighted Ivory Bunny, 2lbs

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This fluffy bunny's is so soft and sweet.  It has a very realistic look to it, and is so darling with its creamy ivory fur, and light pink ears and nose.  This premium quality plushie measures 16" and is weighted at 2lbs with glass microbeads.  At 2lbs, it feels like a 3 to 4lb live animal.

We tried to weight this one heavier with a full body casing, but that made the legs and arms too stiff.  So it is on the lighter side, but very floppy and squishy.  Each paw has a small sack of poly pellets for weight, and a casing of glass goes into the main body.

We recommend you give your bunny a quick blow dry when you receive it to fluff up the fur, especially the face area.  A good shake will also fluff it up.