27-inch Weighted Unicorn, up to 8lbs

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This princess rainbow unicorn is every little girl's dream!  lt is so incredibly soft and cuddly, and will add beauty to any room!  There are sparkly silver strands in the rainbow mane and tail, but no loose glitter to worry about.  

This premium quality plushie measures 27" from paw to paw, and can be weighted up to 8lbs with glass microbeads.  Each paw has a small sack of poly pellets for weight, the legs are loosely stuffed w a soft floppy poly fill, and then the casing of glass beads and/or pellets fills the main body.  We add a thin layer of soft poly fill around the outside of the bead/pellet casing.

This unicorn comes with a small pink plastic brush.  The mane and tail will arrive in a few ponytails to keep the hair in tact during shipping.  Using a blow dryer on the mane and tail from time to time will help keep them looking good.