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22-inch Weighted Appaloosa Horse, up to 4lbs

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This medium-sized appaloosa horse is so incredibly baby-soft, squishy, and floppy.  I don't know if plushie fabric gets any better than this!  It is a premium quality, well-made plushie, in gorgeous contrasting colors.  This beauty comes in a laying position, and makes a great lap pad and companion.  

It measures 22" from paw to paw, and can be weighted up to 5lbs with glass microbeads.  The glass beads feel wonderfully fine like sand and are encased in an inner liner free-flowing throughout the main body. Each paw has a small sack of poly pellets, the skinny legs are stuffed w a soft floppy poly fill, and then the casing of glass beads and/or pellets fills the main body. We add a thin layer of soft poly fill around the bead casing, and the result is heavenly...lush, soft, squishy, floppy.  You won't want to put it down!

If the mane gets ratty or frizzy over time, a quick blow dry on a hot setting brings it back to good as new!