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12-inch Weighted Penguin Chick, Up to 6lbs

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This adorable baby penguin is one big ball of fluff!  It is so squeezably soft and cuddly, and very well-made.  My 10yr old calls it a "modern" penguin because of the gray, white, and black color combo.  It measures 12" tall, and can be weighted up to 6lbs with glass microbeads.  At 6lbs, it is still very soft and squishy with a little room for soft poly fill around the casing.

This penguin feels heavy compared to some of our other animals where the weight is more spread out.  The weight in this penguin in concentrated in a ball, so pick up a 5lb bag of sugar or flour to get an accurate feel.  2lbs would be ideal for a child 4yrs or younger.